Sun Certified Enterprise Architect - SCEA

Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for the Java EE Platform (SCEA) certification certifies the skills of a software architect in the Java Enterprise Edition technology (formerly J2EE). Obtaining the certification requires the candidate to pass three individual stages:

* a multiple choice exam on the basic concepts of Java EE technology
* a UML design project involving Java EE technology
* an essay exam regarding the design project

The multiple-choice exam can be taken at any Prometric testing center around the world. Passing of this portion is required prior to registering with Sun Microsystems for the design project, which is downloaded from a secured website. After completion of the assignment and upload to the same secured website, the candidate then sits for an essay exam, once again through a Prometric test center. As the questions on the essay exam are based on the assignment for Part II, it is advised to take the essay exam as soon as possible after submitting the assignment. (The last two steps are essentially one step since they are graded in unison.) Scores for the Part I exam are known immediately after taking the test; however, the scores for Parts II/III are only available after six to eight weeks through Sun's certification manager website.

SUN released the Java EE 5 version of the SCEA exam in February 2008, and the prior version (for J2EE 1.2) was retired on March 1, 2008. Candidates who already began work on the prior track had until the end of 2008 to complete their assignments, assuming they have purchased the vouchers prior to the retirement date. Sun has also made available an upgrade track consisting of a single, multiple-choice exam not unlike the Part I examination, for those who have the prior credential. Also, unlike the prior version, a candidate for the SCEA for Java EE 5 now must complete the Part II assignment within one year - the prior version had no time limit for the assignment.

Unlike other higher-level Java exams, this certification does not require passing the Sun Certified Java Programmer exam as a prerequisite. This is due to the different job-role an architect fills on the software development team.

Should the candidate pass, Sun will award the person the status of a professional Java architect. Unlike some other technology exams (such as MCSE), this exam and all of the other Sun Java exams do not have an expiration date.


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